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We're regularly asked lots of questions about the fake account numbers in our Community Standards Enforcement Report (CSER) and SEC filings. With the increase in fake account removals, and prevalence, in the latest report, we thought now would be a good time to give more detail about how we measure fake accounts. We are also opening up even more fully to third parties, including on our fake account numbers, via the Data Transparency Advisory Group (DTAG). We know it's important to have independent verification of our methodology and our work. What we measure: We include the accounts we disable at this stage in our accounts actioned metric for fake accounts. Changes in our accounts actioned numbers are often the result of unsophisticated attacks like we saw in the last two quarters. These are really easy to spot and can totally dominate our numbers, even though they pose little risk to users. For example, a spammer may try to create 1,000,000 accounts quickly from the same IP address. Our systems will spot this and remove these fake accounts quickly. The number will be added to our reported number of accounts taken down, but the accounts were removed so soon that they were never considered active and thus could not contribute to our estimated prevalence of fake accounts amongst monthly active users or our publicly stated monthly active user number or even any ad impressions.

Shared Wallet with Sports & Poker: On top of its loaded online casino, BetMGM players based in PA will also have access to the site's sports betting and poker products. There are eight different software developers that provide these games to the site, including IGT, Everi, Red Tiger, and SG Digital.

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[Image] Get it from Simons for $24. A set of cat-shaped pens for your cat that will make your cat smile.

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College football betting in Massachusetts Frank Martin is the head coach of UMass.

Thursday we reported on Amazon getting more involved in health care. Friday, it's the NFL that the tech behemoth is getting involved with. There's a lot happening in the world. Through it all, Marketplace is here for you.

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Pro Tip: There has to be a market on social media for this product. Polarize with your messaging when targeting your audiences on digital. One idea could be to set up some highly targeted social ads with some fun copy like, "You and your wife will have lots of good times." Amazon rewards external traffic to your listing! If you are enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry, you do have the option of contacting sellers through Amazon's templated messages. Here's how to do that.

14x crypto playthrough That said, while you'll be able to enjoy the full scope of what BetOnline has to offer through their mobile site, we'd like to see a bit better optimization on smaller screens.

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Odds in Live Blackjack Take Advantage of Bonuses and Promotions: Many online casinos offer bonuses and promotions for live blackjack players.

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